While you’re using lcd tv, microwave or air conditioner…, the problem suddenly happens. Don’t hesitate to call our phone number: (08) 38 333 333 to be experienced service to home quickly, conveniently and reasonable price!

Giving a few minutes to understand about our professional repair process approved by prestige electronic brands on over the world.


Receiving a call from customers with the information such as: customer’s name, address, phone number, kind of product, defective symptom…Receptionists will note this information and make an appointment with customers, then technicians will visit the customer’s house to check their products.

Besides, if customer just asks about user guide, receptionists also will directly instruct or forward the call to the technicians to consult and guide free for customers.


After receiving the information from the receptionists, technicians will re-call to re-confirm a suitable visiting time with customers.

At the customer‘s house, technician will check the defective symptom of product.

  • If the product just has a slight damage, technician will quote the repair cost. If customer agrees this cost, the technician will fix this error right here.
  • If the product is seriously damaged, technician will ask the permission from customer to bring this product to his company for more advanced testing and repairing steps. The technician will issue a receipt to customer with the full information such as: customer’s name, address, phone number, kind of product, model, serial number, accessories in attachment, defective symptom.


When technicians come back their company, they will forward the full information in the receipt to the receptionists to update. Then, the customer’s defective product will be forwarded the repair department to check defective symptom carefully and give a repair solution.


After having a repair result, technicians will call or send a repair quotation in writing to the customers to show detailed about the status of product: how is damage?, which electronic component will be replaced?, repair cost? And warranty time after repairing?

If customer accepts the repair quotation, technician will fix it promptly and give customer a returning schedule for their product.

If customer doesn’t accept the repair quotation, technician will restore the initial defective status and re-ship their product back their house.

The receptionists will re-update the status of product into our information management system to satisfy the requests of accessing the information timely for customers, technicians and leading board.


Technicians repair the customer’s product quickly, qualitatively, exactly and stably.

After finishing the repair, technicians will clean free for the customer’s products and start the product running at their company at least one day to make sure for all products after repairing to have a stable activity about most of features and perfect shape.

Technicians simultaneously will notice and update the status of products for the receptionists to take notes and call customers to have a returning schedule of products.


Each technical team leader will re-check the shape and all features of products repaired again before forwarding it to the delivery department and returning goods to customer’s house.

In delivering goods, technicians will confirm by a delivery report and issue the warranty card to customers.

All products after repairing will be warranted from 03 months~01 year.


After each three months, receptionists will call customers to ask about the stability of products after repaired, their comments about service attitude of staffs and their satisfaction for the services of Viet Hoa to help us improve the quality of repair and service to be worthy with the belief’s customers.

When our company issues the promotions to be grateful to customers, receptionists will also quickly notice for customers by messages or calls to help customers to receive these full promotions.

This repair and warranty process has been built most scientifically and efficiently thanks to over 15 experienced years. Customers can by themselves check and understand the status of repairing their products. Leading board and departments can manage and supervise closely the working process mutually.

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